2017 Staff

As Cadasta shifts its focus from developing technology to providing support services, we have begun to reorganize our technical and program teams. In an effort to better align our staff capacities with our strategic needs, our technology team has been downsized. External technology partners and re-architected components on the platform will help fill the support roles that were previously filled by full-time staff. Furthermore, Cadasta will hire two more program staff members to better meet the support and land expertise needs of our partners. These positions will include a Product Owner and a Program Manager.    

Navin Kumar

Program Specialist

Daniel Gueye

Program Specialist

Katrina Engelsted

Field Program Support Technologist

Kristen Egermeier

Administrative Support

Madaleine Weber

Communications Director

Oliver Roick

Lead Developer

Frank Pichel

Chief Programs Officer

2017 Board of Directors

Cadasta’s mission, strategy, and finances are guided by the leadership and expertise provided by our Board of Directors. 

Tim Handstad

Board of Directors

Christopher Vincent

Interim Chair

Peter Rabley


Erik Klein