Cadasta by the Numbers

Global Reach

Countries (in green) where Cadasta’s tools have been used.


Seed Change

Kigoma, Tanzania

To protect farmers’ rights and their environment, Seed Change partnered with Cadasta to begin creating a transparent palm oil supply chain. Cadasta helped Seed Change develop a tailor-made digital questionnaire to document farmer’s land rights, gather details on land use, and create an evidence base for sustainable farming.

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South Sumatra, Indonesia

Cadasta partnered with Daemeter on a project to pilot a sustainable management partnership model across the Sembilang-Dangku landscape of South Sumatra. This is an important habitat for Sumatran tigers and other wildlife.

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ZOA International

Luberizi, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

To revive an existing irrigation scheme in an area that has suffered repeated violence in recent years, Cadasta worked with ZOA to map and document the land rights and irrigation infrastructure across an estimated 6,000 parcels, using participatory mapping techniques.

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