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Pausing the Data Revolution to Ask a Few Questions

Next Billion  |  October, 2016  |  Frank Pichel and Lindsay Ferris

Google us. You’ll learn where both of us live, went to school and worked. You can even learn our political affiliation. All of this is thanks to the ongoing revolution of open data. Never before has so much information about our fellow humans been so readily available.
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Getting to Sustainable Palm Oil: A Hardware and Software Approach to a Market Problem

New Security Beat | November, 2016 | Noel Taylor

The palm oil sector is at a crossroads. Despite growing awareness of its massive effects on deforestation, the largely unregulated and decentralized industry has struggled to adopt, follow, and document rigorous sustainable sourcing standards.
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Opinion: Need a Reason to Open up Land Rights Data? Here are 10

DEVEX  | March, 2017 |  Noel Taylor

As more than 1,000 global leaders in land rights gather in Washington, D.C., next week for the annual World Bank Land and Poverty conference, there will, no doubt, be much discussion focused on gathering data to measure global progress toward documenting and strengthening land rights for all women and men.
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The Case for Thinking Local: Community-Driven Land Information Systems

Place |  March, 2017 |  Frank Pichel

For the last decade, the international development community has – at great expense – repeatedly and unsuccessfully worked to create sustainable large-scale and cost-effective modern land tenure systems for emerging economies.
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An Open Platform for Documenting Property Rights

GIM International | ? |   Frank Pichel

A functioning land administration sector is the foundation of a national economy,
critical for economic growth. Unfortunately, effective land registry and cadastral
systems with national coverage exist in only a fraction of the world’s countries.

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