Cadasta Foundation and the Global Land Alliance Collaborate to Promote Land Tenure Security

Cadasta Foundation and Global Land Alliance (GLA) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on April 17th, 2020 to mutually support and advocate for land tenure security for vulnerable and marginalized communities around the world. 

Cadasta and GLA share a mission in their work to promote secure land tenure around the world. This MOU formalizes the collaboration and outlines how the two organizations will work together on potential joint funding projects, bids, and project implementation. By collaborating, GLA and Cadasta hope to better leverage each other’s strengths and expertise to promote secure land and resource rights for vulnerable and marginalized communities worldwide. 

Commenting on the cooperation, Cadasta CEO Amy Coughenour noted, “Cadasta and Global Land Alliance have always shared a common interest and goal in promoting land tenure security for vulnerable communities. With this MOU, we are formalizing our intent to leverage our respective strengths for greater impact.” 

“This MOU between GLA and Cadasta underscores our shared commitment to securing land and natural resource rights for individuals and communities. Many more communities can be engaged and supported when organizations in the land community work together” said co-Executive Director of Global Land Alliance Kevin Barthel.

With Global Land Alliance’s research and policy expertise and Cadasta’s innovative platform and tools, we believe that this collaboration will advance and support the interests and activities of each organization to have greater global impact. Global Land Alliance and Cadasta are currently working together to support organizations and communities securing their land rights in Brazil, Bangladesh and Indonesia. 


Global Land Alliance is a not-for-profit organization based in Washington D.C. which strives to achieve land tenure security around the globe. Global Land Alliance works to enable the prosperity of people and places by advancing learning and practice to achieve land tenure security and the efficient, inclusive and sustainable use of land and natural resources. GLA works with communities, organizations and governments to improve land tenure security through inclusive dialogue and practice and promote sustainable land and natural resource use with all stakeholders. 

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Cadasta Foundation is a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit launched in 2015 to meet the growing demand of documenting land and resource rights for those left out of formal land administration systems in emerging economies. Cadasta works to tackle land administration constraints with easy-to-use digital tools and technology designed to help its partners efficiently document, analyze, store, and share critical land and resource rights information – particularly in places where governments are failing in delivering the public good of equitable and affordable land administration.

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