How do I become a Cadasta Partner and fulfill the grant requirement to have a Partnership Agreement or MOU with Cadasta?

There is a step by step process on how to become a Cadasta Partner. New partners can also refer to the Accelerator Grant webinar recording and presentation on our website for more information.

Essentially, potential partners begin the process by having a preliminary discussion with Cadasta. This helps us learn if your work is in line with our organization’s mission, and  for you to learn what technologies Cadasta has to offer and if they meet your organizational needs. If you have reviewed all of the materials available online and have determined that you wish to begin a partnership discussion with a Cadasta team member, please email us at

How can my organization verify that they have a Partnership Agreement already in place with Cadasta?

If you are not sure if you qualify as an existing partner, please reach out to your primary point of contact at Cadasta and simply ask whether you have a partnership agreement or MOU in place. If you don’t have a partnership agreement or MOU, and wish to begin a partnership discussion, please reach out to us at to express your desire in becoming a Cadasta partner.

Is the required Partnership Agreement like the one on the website covering legal issues only?

A template of Cadasta’s standard partnership agreement is posted on the Data Accelerator Grant website, and is intended to be a sample or an example of the agreement that is required for Cadasta Partners. The agreement is a 5-page document describing the roles, responsibilities, and protections for each party; followed by a signature page; and attachments containing a specific scope of work, financial terms, and a risk register. Partners may request revisions and edits to some parts of the agreement text.


 Can I apply as an individual or should it always be under an organization?

Applications are only accepted from organizations that are working to advance land or resource rights. No grant applications from individuals will be accepted for the Data Accelerator program.


 Can a single organization apply for two separate grants if they have two different projects they would like to complete?

No. Only one successful grant application is allowed per organization for the Data Accelerator program. If however, your initial grant application request is unsuccessful, you may choose to re-apply. Once a grant is awarded, your organization is no longer eligible for any further grants under the Data Accelerator Grants.

If an organization has already completed a project with Cadasta, is it allowed to apply for further project funding?

Yes. If you are a current Cadasta partner and have already completed the initial project with us, but have not received a grant from us, you are welcome to propose an expansion of activities and apply for a Data Accelerator Grant if those activities are in line with the grant eligibility requirements.

What is the time period of the grant?

All data collection activities under all grants must be completed within 3 months of Cadasta providing virtual or in person training to your organization.


Where should applicants attach quotes for any equipment requested in their budget?

At the bottom of the online grant application form, click the upload button to add all attachment files to the application.This includes the budget template, any equipment quotes or any supplementary documents to support your budget request. Use this link to view the application form.


Is there a specific type of equipment(s) suggested by Cadasta?

Cadasta strongly recommends that partners use smartphones and tablets with one of the following operating systems:

  • For Android Devices:4 KitKat or later (ARMv7 32 bit and x86), 5.0 Lollipop or later (ARMv8 64 bit) and precise location (GPS and network-based) support.
  • For Windows 10 Devices (tablet and PC): Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise (32 bit and 64 bit [EM64T])
  • For Apple Devices(iPhone or iPad): iOS11 or later (64 bit)

Current partners have told Cadasta that tablets usually work better than smart phones for field-based data collection activities, due to a larger screen size. If it is an option for you, we recommend tablets for data collection. However, we don’t require the use of tablets over smartphones.

Does the Cadasta technology include software that is accessible by any users? And will I keep access to the software after the end of the grant or does Cadasta take back the software and/or access?

Cadasta uses web interfaces and mobile applications for our suite of technology tools. Your access to these websites and applications is not limited by Cadasta once the grant has ended. You will continue to have access to your stored data and may also have the option to use our tools for additional data collection.


When does training occur and are all data collectors trained?

Cadasta will provide training usually in a virtual setting unless there is already a staff member in your country. We will negotiate with grantees when that can occur, based on several scheduling factors. Typically, Cadasta only trains project staff teams to use our tools. Grantees are then responsible for training any additional data collectors they may need or have hired.

Do you provide technical support throughout the life of the project?

Yes. Once your application has been approved and the grant is awarded, Cadasta will support you with training and also provide a staff member for technical support during the life of the project/grant.


 Can we use video or visual material collected and submitted to Cadasta per the grantee responsibilities for presentations and/or our own use?

Yes. Content that you provide to us per the terms of the grant award may also be used by your organization. If interested, you are welcome to work with Cadasta’s communications team to create video, photographs and other story content to promote your work and our collective work to document and provide evidence around land and resource rights.

Would a computer used in data collection and data visualization be an allowable cost under this grant?

Since the focus of this grant program is on data collection activities, any equipment included in a budget request must also support data collection activities. If you feel that a computer is needed for your data collection activities, you would need to include a  very strong justification of why a computer and only a computer can support those activities and not a smartphone or tablet.

May I cover the costs related to the collection and processing of visual material in my budget?

While documenting grant activities with pictures, stories and video is a required grantee responsibility, it is not a major activity and therefore not an allowable expense.  Cadasta’s position is that this is a management and overhead cost, which are unallowable under this grant. If capturing pictures and stories is exceptionally hard for your organization, please let us know and we will try to help ensure there is no burden.


Who is the owner/has rights to the data after it is collected?

Cadasta’s partners and communities are the owners of their data, not Cadasta. Please read more about rights to data in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


Do the staff and consultant rates in my budget have to be a daily rate or can they be in another format?

Staffing rates included in your budget can be provided in any unit of time or other measurement you wish to use, but you must clearly identify the unit you choose in your budget justification.

Can the staff in my budget be paid by number of individuals contacted via the data collection survey instead of by an hourly or daily rate?

Staffing rates included in your budget can be provided in any unit of time or other measurement you wish to use, but you must clearly identify the unit you choose in your budget justification.

Will grant funding only be awarded in USD or can a grantee request that the award be made in local currency?

Cadasta can make a grant award in USD or in a local currency, depending on the partner organization preference. Please advise us ahead of time if this flexibility is needed for your organization.


Does the Data Accelerator Grant require or give preference to applications with matching funds?

This grant program does not have a matching funds requirement. If your grant project has received partial funding from other sources, please be sure to describe that in your grant application.