Cadasta Challenge and Innovation Grant Fund

The Challenge and Innovation Grant Program encourages local mapping organizations to develop scalable and innovative solutions to land and resource rights issues.

Cadasta Challenge and Innovation Grant Fund Cadasta’s Challenge and Innovation Grant Program will catalyze innovative solutions to documenting and advancing land and resource rights around the world. Grants can be used to scale certain use cases, populations, or areas of geographic interest, particularly with grassroots organizations. The grants will be used for local and national organizations interested in mapping land and resource rights in rural, forest, urban, and other locations where communities are vulnerable and lack formal rights.

Grants can be used for data collection, hardware, training, and technical assistance from Cadasta. They can also be used to migrate collected data to our platform. Selected partners will receive an award ranging from $5,000 up to $10,000, with a total value of cash and in-kind support of up to $50,000.

The Cadasta team also seeks out-of-the-box solutions and will support the testing of high-impact, innovative ways to exponentially scale Cadasta tools and services around the world. Examples could include crowd-sourcing approaches for data collection and verification; linking with private sector, disaster response and humanitarian actors; or governments.

Project proposals will be assessed according to a predefined set of selection criteria that are in line with Cadasta’s core principles and program objectives.

Please check back soon for the full grant program details and application form!