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Cadasta is a technical service provider of land expertise and technology for individuals, communities, organizations, governments, and businesses looking to secure land rights to build stronger, more sustainable communities. 


Technology to easily document and manage your agricultural data.

Informal Settlements

Document, analyze, and manage large amounts of urban property data.

Community Lands

Assert and defend community and customary land claims with data.

Women’s Land Rights

Use our tools and training to strengthen women’s land rights.

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Why Work with Cadasta?

Cadasta uses innovative technology, services, and advocacy to advance global land and resource rights. We target the world’s tenure-insecure people in rural, urban, and peri-urban areas left out of top-down government land registry systems. Recognizing that every partner is unique, our tools and services can accommodate a wide range of technical capabilities and resources and can be applied to a variety of different sectors.

Our Technology

Cadasta offers an accessible and flexible suite of mobile and web-based tools designed to help users collect, manage, store, and analyze land and resource rights data. Our platform and tools are built on the principles of open standards and access, and are powered by Esri ArcGIS technology—the world’s leading, cloud-based mapping and analytics platform.

Our Services

Cadasta’s services are participatory, demand-driven, and tailored to local project needs. Our goal is to strengthen our partners’ capacity to map and collect data through training materials and sessions adapted to local use. As land, development, GIS, and data professionals, we provide expertise that supports partners as they design gender-sensitive approaches, identify and mitigate conflict, and build local knowledge of land systems to advance tenure security.

Cadasta Advocacy

In all of our work, projects, and partnerships, Cadasta aims to support and advocate for secure land and resource rights and improved opportunities for vulnerable households and communities.

Cadasta Impact

At its core, Cadasta’s mission is to advance global land and resource rights for vulnerable populations through innovative technologies and services. By providing technical tools and services to support the documentation of land and resource rights, we aim to build stronger, more sustainable communities.

What Our Partners Are Saying

  • The platform presents the data in a way that is quite useful. As we get deeper into our analysis, it will prove even more useful.

    Andrew Maki
    Founder, JEI
  • Cadasta demonstrates the value add of these digital tools. With their technology, we can record the data faster, reduce errors, and in the end, produce land records that are even easier to share with government.

    Jolyne Sanjak
    Chief Program Officer, Landesa
  • We are eager to expand our pilot project further and it is now tested and proven that it can work. Our staff are using this tool and sharing our knowledge. These digital tools are making everything easier.

    Mamun Ur Rashid
    Project Coordinator, Uttaran
  • Cadasta Platform helps to manage our landowner’s household information together, that ultimately helped to support vulnerable landowners during digital land registration in Bangladesh.

    Shahidul Islam
    Executive Director, Uttaran
  • The Cadasta platform makes community mapping easy and possible by offering tools that were previously only available to the State or powerful elites.

    Rachael Knight
    Senior Advisor to Namati’s Community Land Protection Program