Partner Reviews

Recognizing that every partner is unique, our tools and services can accommodate a wide range of technical capabilities and resources and can be applied to a variety of different sectors. Read below to see what our partners have to say about working with us.

  • “Cadasta is respectful of the principles of our organizations and processes and beyond the technical exercise, we have received good and friendly support.”

    Yolanda Garcia
    Founder and Leader of Aso Manos Negra
  • “The Cadasta Platform has been useful for us to structure the relevant information, identify the resources and communities needed in the process in a timely way, and make our work visible to help manage our projects.”

    Yolanda Garcia
    Founder and Leader of Aso Manos Negra
  • “The ability to let people know what we do and manage the privacy and confidentiality of our, and also the fact that the platform is free, otherwise we could not afford to access these kind of resources.”

    Yolanda Garcia
    Founder and Leader of Aso Manos Negra
  • “Cadasta Platform has been important for Aso Manos Negra to improve our organizational governance, as today the information from our associate organizations has been finally digitized, organized, and can be easily accessed via web by any of the Aso Manos Negras affiliates.”

    Yolanda Garcia
    Founder and Leader of Aso Manos Negra
  • “The Cadasta Platform has also allowed us to recognize ourselves by knowing more from each of the organizations which compose Aso. For us it is important to know what projects we are currently working, where we are based, or with whom we are collaborating. This is key to empower our collective leadership.”

    Yolanda Garcia
    Founder and Leader of Aso Manos Negra
  • “Youth volunteers are helping women landowners identify their land parcels to better understand their land ownership documentation, which is important for women’s empowerment. Training provided by Cadasta helped the youth volunteers with knowledge that enabled them to map their land using the GeoODK app. The prepared map will help the women landowners secure their land rights.”

    Lipi Rahman
    Executive Director, Badabon Sangho
  • “We would like to prepare a database of all the single women landowners of the project area and provide a map of their land so that they can use it to protect their property. Cadasta helped us a lot to achieve our goal with their technical knowledge on mapping and by storing the surveyed information in their platform. I am hopeful that with Cadasta’s help we can come to a solution for the problems that single women landowner’s face in Bangladesh.”

    Zannat Ara Ghani,
    Programme Associate, Badabon Sangho

“Working with the Cadasta Foundation has allowed us to significantly improve the delivery of our project in South Sumatra. The tools are intuitive and easy to use, yet allow for a variety of applications and analyses, and are helping the local government move towards improvement of land tenure and resolution of illegality. Working with Cadasta’s team has been a pleasure and we hope to continue into the future.”

Michal Zrust
Southeast Asia Regional Manager , Daemeter


“Improving land and natural resources governance at community level is still a complex challenge in Mozambique. Working with Cadasta and using the Cadasta platform helped us to consolidate our community land delimitation approach, emphasizing on the need to deliver community land satellite maps as one of the key tools to complement security of land rights and improve land use planning at the community level.”

José Monteiro,
Knowledge Manager, iTC-F

“The Cadasta platform presents land claims data in a way that is quite useful. As we get deeper into our analysis, it will prove even more useful.”

Andrew Maki,
Founder, JEI

“Cadasta demonstrates the value add of these digital tools. With their technology, we can record the data faster, reduce errors, and in the end, produce land records that are even easier to share with government.”

Jolyne Sanjak,
Chief Program Officer, Landesa

“Participatory community mapping is not just a means to an end, it is an empowering process of documenting local knowledge and building technical skills. The Cadasta platform makes this process easy and possible by offering tools that were previously only available to the State or powerful elites.”

Rachael Knight,
Director of Community Land Protection Program, Namati

“What we liked most about the Cadasta platform is that it is easy to use and understand and the tutorials are very easy to follow.”

Trudy Hope,
Founder, OpenStreetMap Zambia
  • “Cadasta’s team can support to develop tools as a complete package to map and collect data related to Individual Forest Rights (IFR), Community Forest Rights (CFR) and CFR management plan preparation which can better support facilitating Indian Forest Rights Act (FRA) implementation. Besides FRA related mapping and documentation, MIS related to other additional features like land use, crop planning, forest regeneration status can also be integrated into the Cadasta app. PRADAN is eager to continue our working with Cadasta’s team in future.”

    Land Rights & Livelihood Program
    Implementation Team, PRADAN
  • “We the villagers of Andupadu, Rayagada, Odisha appreciates the support of PRADAN and Cadasta especially for their commitment and involvement to understand our requirements and support us to develop and configure the mobile application, imparted training to make us understand the process for using the application. We have done claimant wise mapping exercise and completed data collection using the app. We are very much happy to see the final map which we have used to submit our IFR and CFR claims. Our heartfelt thanks to team members of PRADAN and Cadasta for extending such support and providing us technical guidance.”

    Somanatha Praska
    Village Youth, Andupadu
  • “We are thrilled that low literate village youths and women self help group members are confidently using the mobile application to map parcels for claim submission under IFR and CFR. Community volunteers are very happy to be able to instantly show a display of the area and edit parcel boundaries on satellite imagery.”

    Gumel Saraka
    Jami Sathi (community link worker on Land Rights)
Seed Change
  • “The data collected through Cadasta’s platform is a great resource for our organization. We can see farm changes and growth, compare villages and farms, and better understand the different land use pressures at play. It makes it much easier to know where we should target our work moving forward.”

    Alex Chetkovich,
    Managing Director, Seed Change
  • “Cadasta’s platform made it easy to build the survey and train data collectors at almost zero operational costs. It’s a great all-in-one platform.”

    Alex Chetkovich,
    Managing Director, Seed Change
  • “Cadasta’s tools have helped the Odisha Liveable Habitat Mission by making it easier to collect a huge amount of data accurately. Cadasta’s tools also bring transparency to the process, removes discrepancies, reduces the dependency on human interventions and brings in speed in execution.”

    Shikha Srivastva,
    Urban Habitat Head, Tata Trusts
  • “The Cadasta team has worked closely with the Tata Trusts field team in addressing day-to-day challenges of data collection and technological improvement. Consistent support from Cadasta team has encouraged the field team to improve the process on regular intervals, as per the requirement. It was a great help when the team visited the field and collaborated to address critical issues faced by data collection team.”

    Shishir Ranjan Dash,
    Urban Habitat Lead, Tata Trusts
  • “We are eager to expand this pilot project further and it is now tested and proven that it can work. Our staff are using this tool and sharing our knowledge. These digital tools are making everything easier.”

    Mamun Ur Rashid,
    Project Coordinator, Uttaran
  • “Cadasta Platform helps to manage our landowner’s household information together, that ultimately helped to support vulnerable landowners during digital land registration in Bangladesh.”

    Shahidul Islam,
    Executive Director, Uttaran
VSF Belguim

“Cadasta provides us with a platform where we will be able to store all our land maps and records in one place and easily share with others. While developing our Cadasta projects we have received great technical support from them on data collection and presentation.”

Peter van der Jagt,
Country Programme Manager, VSF Belgium

“The support by Cadasta for this project was crucial and marked by a highly professional, cooperative and flexible demeanor. The technical components so far proved well-suited for the challenges of the project and the local technicians were able to familiarize themselves quickly with the tools, not least thanks to the brilliant support by Cadasta consultant Anne Girardin. The stakeholders workshops were conducted by the consultant in a very open, accessible and integrative manner ensuring that the diverse group of participants were able to follow and discuss their concerns related to the process and the tools which presented a novelty. ZOA is very happy about the decision to cooperate with Cadasta on this project.”

David Betge,
Sector Specialist Land Rights, ZOA