Badabon Sangho

Working to Document and Protect Women’s Land Rights

Project Location Rampal and Mongla, Bagerhat, Bangladesh

Their Mission

Badabon Sangho is a women led non-profit organization founded in 2015 by a group of single women in the southwest region of Bangladesh. Their mission as an organization is to build the capacity of disadvantaged, vulnerable, and socially excluded women and girls, towards improving their livelihoods and addressing other socio-economic issues using participatory approaches. Their vision is to establish a society based on freedom of expression, in which all people, particularly women and girls, have full and effective participation in the social and economic development process.

Project with Cadasta


Cadasta partnered with Badabon Sangho to document, secure, and protect women’s land rights in southern Bangladesh. Badaban’s mission is to build the capacity of disadvantaged, vulnerable, and socially excluded peoples, especially women and girls, to improve their livelihoods and address other socio-economic issues using participatory approaches. By partnering with Cadasta, Badabon staff were trained to collect and map property rights data using Cadasta’s tools and platform. Equipped with Cadasta’s tools and training, Badabon staff are now able to survey households to determine and document land held by women in the region. Following their training, Badabon plans to document more than 400 households on the Cadasta platform. Through the documentation process, the group will also provide training to local women landowners to educate them of their legal land rights and how to obtain their land titles. By providing more accurate measurements of the women’s lands, they aim to make it easier for women to obtain their land titles and protect their property.

Cadasta Review

Youth volunteers are helping women landowners identify their land parcels to better understand their land ownership documentation, which is important for women’s empowerment. Training provided by Cadasta helped the youth volunteers with knowledge that enabled them to map their land. The prepared map will help the women landowners secure their land rights.”

Lipi Rahman
Executive Director of Badabon Sangho

We would like to prepare a database of all the single women landowners of the project area and provide a map of their land so that they can use it to protect their property. Cadasta helped us a lot to achieve our goal with their technical knowledge on mapping and by storing the surveyed information in their platform. I am hopeful that with Cadasta’s help we can come to a solution for the problems that single women landowner’s face in Bangladesh.”

Zannat Ara Ghani
Programme Associate of Badabon Sangho