Documenting and Protecting Community Land Rights in Mozambique

Project Location

Their Mission

The Fundação Iniciativa para Terras Comunitárias (iTC-F) is a Mozambican non-profit that works to support the efforts of the Government of Mozambique in the implementation of the National Land Law, which enables the leasehold of land for productive purposes to individuals and private entities while also recognizing the customary rights of rural communities. Through partnerships with the public and private sectors, the group works to promote economic growth while protecting the land and natural resource rights of rural communities.

Project with Cadasta

iTC-F partnered with Cadasta on a pilot project that aims to collaboratively document land rights in rural Mozambique. Cadasta worked with iTC-F to build a methodology to effectively execute the land rights devolution process to local communities throughout Mozambique. Together, Cadasta and iTC-F worked to identify and train community facilitators to lead the participatory mapping exercises within the rural communities. Once trained, these facilitators worked directly with the rural communities to map and document community held land and resources. By involving rural communities in the mapping and documentation process, the project aims to improve land governance and empower communities to make informed decisions for land-based investments.

Cadasta Review

Improving land and natural resources governance at community level is still a complex challenge in Mozambique. Working with Cadasta and using the Cadasta platform helped us to consolidate our community land delimitation approach, emphasizing on the need to deliver community land satellite maps as one of the key tools to complement security of land rights and improve land use planning at the community level.”

José Monteiro
Knowledge Manager of iTC-F