Unlocking the Full Potential of Community Mapping

Project Location
Kenya & Nepal


Their Mission

Namati is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to strengthening people’s capacity to exercise and defend their rights. Namati trains and deploys grassroots legal advocates who work with communities to advance fundamental rights such as citizenship recognition, land tenure, and access to quality health care.

Project with Cadasta

Project Locations: Kenya and Nepal

Namati partnered with Cadasta in 2016 to support their Community Land Protection Program which helps communities map and protect their customary land claims in accordance with national land laws. By partnering with Cadasta, Namati was able to utilize the Cadasta platform, cloud-based system which makes it easier to keep its partners data in an organized and secure system that can be shared with a collaborative team. With the Cadasta Platform, Namati was able to directly capture and record evidence of community land and resource rights and better map and share data relating to property rights.

More Information

Profile of Partnership: Namati

The emergence of low-cost mapping tools has made map-making more accessible than ever. However, the sheer diversity of the rapidly changing mapping tools, systems, and approaches can be overwhelming for many organizations and communities. Learn more about how Cadasta and Namati worked together to unlock the full potential of community mapping.

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Cadasta Review

Participatory community mapping is not just a means to an end, it is an empowering process of documenting local knowledge and building technical skills. The Cadasta platform makes this process easy and possible by offering tools that were previously only available to the State or powerful elites.”

Rachael Knight
Community Land Protection Program Director of Namati