OpenStreetMap Zambia

 Community-Led Documentation of Informal Settlements

Project Location Mufulira, Zambia

Their Mission

OpenStreetMap (OSM) Zambia is a non-profit mapping organisation that works with communities to collect geo-spatial data to create an open, free-to-use map of Zambia.

Project with Cadasta

Funded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), OpenStreetMap worked with Cadasta to train community members to collect land rights data in an informal settlement in Mufulira Zambia. Following a short remote training conducted by Cadasta, 30 OSM volunteers were able to collect data from over five thousand households and properties. OSM hopes the local government council uses this data to establish land rights for the settlement’s residents and improve water and sanitation infrastructure.

Cadasta Partner Spotlight: Trudy Hope

See how our partner Trudy is using Cadasta’s tools and services to document property rights in an informal settlement in Zambia. 

Cadasta Review

What we liked most about the Cadasta platform is that it is easy to use and understand and the tutorials are very easy to follow.”

Trudy Hope
Founder of OpenStreetMap Zambia