Seed Change

Creating a Transparent Supply Chain for Sustainable Palm Oil

Project Location
Kigoma, Tanzania

Seed Change

Their Mission

Seed Change is a Tanzania based non-profit organization that works with smallholder farmers to reduce poverty through increased sustainable agricultural production.

Project with Cadasta

In an effort to protect farmers’ rights and their environment, Seed Change partnered with Cadasta to take the first step to create a transparent palm oil supply chain. Cadasta helped Seed Change develop a tailor-made digital questionnaire that documented the farmer’s land rights, details on land use and productivity and created an evidence base for sustainable farming. Cadasta’s questionnaire also helped Seed Change collect information about their impact in the community and data on farm growth patterns.

More Information

Profile of Partnership: Seed Change

In the Kigoma region of Tanzania more than 30,000 families farm palm oil. Despite cultivating a very lucrative crop, the vast majority of these farmers live in poverty, with incomes hovering around $1 per day.

The current global appetite for palm oil and the growing pressure from enlightened consumers who are demanding sustainably grown palm oil, present these families with an opportunity to better their lives and their communities.

Learn more about how Cadasta helped Seed Change create a transparent supply chain for sustainable palm oil.

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Cadasta Review

The data collected through Cadasta’s platform is a great resource for our organization. We can see farm changes and growth, compare villages and farms, and better understand the different land use pressures at play. It makes it much easier to know where we should target our work moving forward.”

Alex Chetkovich
Managing Director of Seed Change

Cadasta’s platform made it easy to build the survey and train data collectors at almost zero operational costs. It’s a great all-in-one platform.”

Alex Chetkovich
Managing Director of Seed Change