Spatial Collective

Leveraging the Power of GIS Technology for Urban Development 

Project Location:

Spatial Collective is one of the first recipients of Cadasta’s Data Accelerator Grant! 

We are so excited to see what they accomplish!  

Their Mission

Spatial Collective is a Nairobi-based, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and technology consulting company founded in 2012. The company’s work covers three continents with its primary focus on Africa. 

Spatial Collective’s model consists of training and supporting communities and organizations on how to adapt available technologies to collect data that is important to them, and then help these communities  store, own, and analyze the data in order to make the most appropriate development solutions. The majority of the work is conducted in difficult environments where there are very few existing data, and on issues of significant global importance ranging from environmental management, livelihoods and economic prosperity, formal and informal governance initiatives, safety and security, and property rights.

Project with Cadasta: Land for Zanzibar City

Project Location: Zanzibar City, Zanzibar

Spatial Collective is currently working with the Zanzibar Government Commission for Land in Zanzibar City to improve the island’s land adjudication process by moving away from paper-based data collection of geospatial and property information. 

Spatial Collective will use the grant from Cadasta to test a more efficient data collection process covering approximately 5,000 households, and ultimately help the government provide faster and more reliable land and urban services in Zanzibar.