Youth Advocates for Change

Empowering Women and Youth Through Data Collection

Project Location
Mansa, Zambia

Youth Advocates for Change is one of the first recipients of Cadasta’s Data Accelerator Grant! 

We are so excited to see what they accomplish!  

Their Mission

Youth Advocates for Change is a non-profit organization with a mission to use advocacy, research, and training to improve governance in Zambia. It provides education on land administration and rights for women and youth for the Chimese and Chisunka communities in the Mansa District where illegal mining is occuring.

Project with Cadasta: Protecting Mansa District Land Rights 

Project Location: Mansa, Zambia

The organization has a current project in the two chiefdoms of Chimese and Chisunka in the Mansa District to address land governance for women and youth. Specifically, the project provides education on land administration and rights around mining, which is occuring illegally in the project area. 

Through the Data Accelerator grant from Cadasta, the project will collect land and resource information from 1500 households in the Mansa District. The collected data will help empower the communitiesespecially women and youthto engage with lawmakers to demand transparency and accountability on land administration.