Securing land rights to develop irrigation schemes

Project Location
Luberizi, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo


Their Mission

ZOA is an international relief and recovery organization supporting vulnerable people affected by violent conflicts and natural disasters in fragile states, by helping them to realize dignified and resilient lives.

Project with Cadasta

ZOA partnered with Cadasta on a project called “Maji Ya Amani” (water for peace) in Luberizi, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) which aims to revive an existing irrigation scheme in an area that has suffered from repeated violent conflict in recent years. Cadasta worked with ZOA, the provincial and local Government, the customary authorities, and the local communities to map and document the land rights and irrigation infrastructure across an estimated 6,000 parcels, using participatory mapping techniques and the Cadasta Platform, the ODK Collect mobile application and the Trimble Catalyst. The project initially resulted in the creation of a database called “cartographie pour la réflexion” (mapping for thinking) to help the different stakeholders analyze the current land occupation pattern, resolve land conflicts, document tenure rights, and ensure equitable and sustainable access to the irrigation scheme. In the long-term this will serve to provide land users with sustainable rights to land.

Cadasta Review

The support by Cadasta for this project was crucial and marked by a highly professional, cooperative and flexible demeanor. The technical components so far proved well-suited for the challenges of the project and the local technicians were able to familiarize themselves quickly with the tools, not least thanks to the brilliant support by Cadasta consultant Anne Girardin. The stakeholders workshops were conducted by the consultant in a very open, accessible and integrative manner ensuring that the diverse group of participants were able to follow and discuss their concerns related to the process and the tools which presented a novelty. ZOA is very happy about the decision to cooperate with Cadasta on this project.”

David Betge
Land Rights Sector Specialist of ZOA