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Cadasta offers an open and flexible suite of mobile and web-based tools designed to help users collect, manage, and store land and resource rights data.

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Technology for Land & Resource Rights

An accessible and flexible suite of mobile and web-based tools designed to help users collect, manage, store, and analyze land and resource rights data.

Mobile Data Collection

Collect data quickly and easily while on- or offline using GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets in remote field locations.

High-Resolution Imagery

Access the world’s leading online imagery collection containing detailed global geospatial content and data layers.

Multiple Basemaps

Choose from a wide variety of basemaps sourced from OpenStreetMap, DigitalGlobe, Esri, and others.

Web Maps

Create an interactive display of geographic information using web maps and other visuals to tell stories and show impact.

Multiple Language Support

Prepare custom surveys in multiple target languages.

Operations Dashboard

Get real-time updates of data with dashboard-style maps, graphs, and statistics.

Custom Reports

Create and print property reports and thematic maps using your data.

Platform Integration & Data Migration

Easily import and export data to and from the Cadasta Platform.

Web App Builder

Create custom mapping content through guided design to display and analyze data on any device without writing code.

Survey-Data Reporting

Customize reports to summarize and display survey data to specific requirements.

Comprehensive Search Options

Quickly search through large amounts of data.

Measurement Tools

Easily measure and capture the area of collected data.

Land & Resource Rights Data

Data collection technology and expertise to help you efficiently and securely collect, store, manage, and share land and resource data.

Customizable Data Collection

Customize your own data collection forms, the type of data you collect, and how data types relate to one another.

Secure Data Storage

Securely store and protect your data from loss, breach, or damage on Cadasta’s cloud-based platform.

Data Ownership & Control

Maintain full ownership of your data and control who can and cannot access, view, or edit it based on Cadasta’s stringent privacy protocols.

Multiple Data Layers

Select from vast libraries of imagery and data layers to view demographic, thematic, and cartographical information.

Manage Data

Easily import or export data to and from the Cadasta platform to edit, update, analyze, visualize, and report on datasets.

Flexible Multimedia Data Types

Store and organize various data types to document land claims, including GPS coordinates, satellite, radar, or drone imagery, digital maps, video, photographs, scanned paper documents, and other supporting information.

Technical Expertise & Support

Land information systems expertise to support your efforts to document and secure land and resource rights.

Knowledge of International Land Standards and Practices

Knowledge and expertise in international standards and best practices for land administration and information management.


Training of trainers and users in the collection, management, and use of land information data using digital technologies; training on participatory mapping, land dispute resolution, and gender approaches to land tenure.

Data Model Design

Support in designing data-collection forms and workflows.

Land Technology Expertise

Guidance and advice on hardware and software options for survey and geospatial data collection and analysis.

On-The-Ground & Remote Technical Support

Tailored on-the-ground and remote technical support for data digitization and migration, data collection workflow and form design, and creation of custom reports and maps.

Communications & Advocacy Support

Collaboration on how to define, visualize, and share your story and data to advocate for land rights and access to services.

Recent Reviews

  • “The platform presents the data in a way that is quite useful. As we get deeper into our analysis, it will prove even more useful.”

    Andrew Maki
    Founder, JEI
  • “Cadasta demonstrates the value add of these digital tools. With their technology, we can record the data faster, reduce errors, and in the end, produce land records that are even easier to share with government.”

    Jolyne Sanjak
    Chief Program Officer, Landesa
  • “The data collected through Cadasta’s platform is a great resource for our organization. We can see farm changes and growth, compare villages and farms, and better understand the different land use pressures at play. It makes it much easier to know where we should target our work moving forward. Cadasta’s platform also made it easy to build the survey and train data collectors at almost zero operational costs. It’s a great all-in-one platform.”

    Alex Chetkovich
    Managing Director, Seed Change
  • “We are eager to expand our pilot project further and it is now tested and proven that it can work. Our staff are using this tool and sharing our knowledge. These digital tools are making everything easier.”

    Mamun Ur Rashid
    Project Coordinator, Uttaran
  • “Cadasta Platform helps to manage our landowner’s household information together, that ultimately helped to support vulnerable landowners during digital land registration in Bangladesh.”

    Shahidul Islam
    Executive Director, Uttaran
  • “The Cadasta platform makes community mapping easy and possible by offering tools that were previously only available to the State or powerful elites.”

    Rachael Knight
    Senior Advisor to Namati’s Community Land Protection Program
  • “Working with the Cadasta Foundation has allowed us to significantly improve the delivery of our project in South Sumatra. The tools are intuitive and easy to use, yet allow for a variety of applications and analyses, and are helping the local government move towards improvement of land tenure and resolution of illegality. Working with Cadasta’s team has been a pleasure and we hope to continue into the future.”

    Michal Zrust
    Southeast Asia Regional Manager, Daemeter
  • “Cadasta provides us with a platform where we will be able to store all our land maps and records in one place and easily share with others. While developing our Cadasta projects we have received great technical support from them on data collection and presentation.”

    Peter van der Jagt
    Country Programme Manager, VSF
  • “The Cadasta Platform has been useful for us to structure the relevant information, identify the resources and communities needed in the process in a timely way, and make our work visible to help manage our projects.”

    Yolanda Garcia
    Founder and Leader of Aso Manos Negra
  • “Youth volunteers are helping women landowners identify their land parcels to better understand their land ownership documentation, which is important for women’s empowerment. Training provided by Cadasta helped the youth volunteers with knowledge that enabled them to map their land using the GeoODK app. The prepared map will help the women landowners secure their land rights.”

    Lipi Rahman
    Executive Director, Badabon Sangho