The Cadasta Platform


What do you want to document or understand? What information and evidence is required to achieve this?


Satellite and drone imagery, GPS coordinates from tablets and smartphones, interviews, and paper documents.


Chose to share your data with other partners, the government, or restrict access to the data.

The Cadasta Platform is a secure, hosted suite of mobile and web based tools designed to help partners collect, analyze, store, and share data on land and resource rights.

Our platform is designed to capture multi-layered information about people’s relationship to land and resources. It can be used to store data that has already been collected through traditional paper-based survey and maps,  data collected with Cadasta’s suite of digital collection forms,  or it can be paired and used seamlessly with a wide variety of other digital data collection tools..

Cadasta’s  fit for purpose digital data collection forms allow partners to collect data quickly and easily using GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets in the field. We designed our tools to be simple and accessible. Even partners who have never used a smartphone before can master and make the most of our tools.

No internet connection is needed to collect data. Once an internet connection is available, however, the smartphones and tablets can upload data onto our secure cloud-based platform. Alternatively, data can be entered directly onto the platform via our web based interface through any desktop or mobile device with an internet connection.

Our flexible platform can store, organize, and utilize many types of data including: GPS coordinates, footage from drones, digital maps, video interviews, photographs, paper attestations, tax receipts and other supporting documentation. We are not prescriptive in the type of data used in a project, but rather understand that a variety of approaches might be required.

Cadasta at its core is built on top of a robust API (Application Program Interface, a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications).  This allows integration into existing tools such as GeoODK, QGIS and Field Papers. This same API allows the Cadasta platform to be extended for specific use cases and integrated with other existing software. By using a flexible API based approach, our tools can more easily fit into existing workflows.

Cadasta follows a rigorous privacy protocol. All partners determine who they want to share their data with. They can even create filters that allow the sharing of some data, while leaving other data securely behind a firewall.


QGIS Plugin

This widely used open source software allows users to easily import or export data to and from the Cadasta platform. QGIS users can build, analyze and create datasets which they can then share through the Cadasta platform. The plugin also allows users to download their existing datasets from Cadasta for further robust analysis and reporting. Kartoza built this plug in for Cadasta.



ODK and GeoODK were designed as low cost data collection tools that can be used off-line in remote locations. They are currently commonly used in both the humanitarian and development sector for the offline collection of data. These tools allow users to collect data and easily export it onto the Cadasta Platform. Both ODK and GeoODK run on android phones.

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