Our Projects

Since our founding in 2015, organizations from around the world have trusted our tools and services to help them collect and store their sensitive information about land and resource rights. The land and resource information collected using Cadasta’s tools has been used by partners to:

  • Support their advocacy efforts;
  • Create a parallel (or informal) registry;
  • Take interim steps towards formal land rights;
  • Create transparent agribusiness value chains.

Cadasta at Work

We target the world’s tenure-insecure people in rural, urban, and peri-urban areas left out of top-down government land registry systems. Cadasta trainers take a bottom-up approach by using participatory mapping techniques that include all community stakeholders, including women, elderly and youth, to effectively document, analyze, manage, and share data. Recognizing that every partner is unique, our tools and services can accommodate a wide range of technical capabilities and resources and can be applied to a variety of different sectors.


Informal Settlements

Community Lands

Women's Land Rights