What's New?

With Cadasta Platform 2.0, it it easier than ever to document and strengthen your land, property and resource rights.

Collect Mobile Data

Gather your field data quickly and easily using on- or offline GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets.

Migrate and Manage Data

Import or export data to and from the Cadasta platform to build, analyze, create, and share datasets with ease.

Visualize with an Operations Dashboard

Get real-time updates of your data collection with maps, graphs, and statistics.

Customize Output Documents

Issue land documentation reports to your specific requirements.

Measure Objects

Measure objects and features on your web map or web app.

Create Web Apps

Display and analyze your data on any device without writing code.

Design Web Maps

Create an interactive display of geographic information that you can use to tell stories and answer questions.

Integrate Cartographics Map Displays

Choose from a variety of symbol options to display on your maps, including lines, points, polygons, labels, and background maps.

Access Imagery and Basemaps

View and use high-quality satellite and other imagery from the platform. Choose from a wide variety of basemaps available to support web maps or web mapping applications.

Upload Flexible Data Types

Store and organize various data types including, GPS coordinates, imagery from drones, digital maps, video interviews, photographs, paper attestations, tax receipts and other supporting information.

What’s New with Cadasta Platform 2.0?

See how Cadasta Platform 2.0 compares to Cadasta Platform 1.0
Feature Cadasta Platform 1.0 Cadasta Platform 2.0
Data Models Limited Comprehensive
High Resolution Imagery Limited to DigitalGlobe satellite imagery Esri Basemaps, DigitalGlobe satellite imagery, imagery from partners (drones / other), topography maps, street maps, among others
Custom Reports
Multiple Data Layers
Mobile Data Collection
Secure Data Storage
Data Ownership & Control
Platform Integration / Data Management
Data Type Flexibility
Multiple Language Support
Data Import & Export
Search Options Limited Comprehensive
Signature Support in Data Collection
Cartographic Options for Map Display
Creation of Web Maps & Printing of Maps
Web Apps
Configurable Operations Dashboard
Comprehensive Data Analysis
Reporting Tools
Measurement Options Limited Comprehensive
Technology Framework & Support Open Source—limited and sporadic support Esri—continuous updates, bug fixes and new features from commercial-grade software provider

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