Why Work with Cadasta

Cadasta approaches our mission using a unique combination of innovative technology, services, and advocacy to advance global land and resource rights.

There are a lot of groups offering geospatial technology just like there are many other NGOs in the international development space.

But Cadasta offers the unique blend that brings these groups together as development professionals with land admin expertise.

Leveraging Cadasta’s Platform, Tools, and Services


Governments can use Cadasta’s fit-for-purpose tools and approach to overcome the constraints and challenges imposed by traditional land administration systems to more efficiently collect, analyze, and manage land and property data. 


Communities can use Cadasta’s tools and support services to document their land claims and advocate for their land rights and improved access to public services such as water, electricity, sewage, roads, and parks.

International Organizations

 International organizations can use Cadasta’s tools and data to support and advocate for secure land and resource rights and improved opportunities for vulnerable households and communities.

Business & Private Sector

Businesses and private sector companies can use our platform and tools to document the rights of smallholder farmers and create transparent and sustainable business supply chains.

Our Technology

Utilizes commercial and open source technology to best meet the needs of our partners and ensure affordable access.

Incorporates land-related international data standards such as the Land Administration Domain Model and the Social Tenure Domain Model.

Offers a secure, permissions-based platform that allows partners to select access and data-sharing rights and provides a secure environment for private data.

Flexible tools that can be used across sectors and uses, allowing partners to collect and manage data that is most relevant to their needs. Our tools can also be used for projects related to urban and peri-urban informal settlements, agriculture, humanitarian operations, and natural resource management.

Appropriate for different actors such as communities, governments, the private sector, multilaterals, and donors.

Our Approach

Dedicated to the Principles of Digital Development, including understanding the ecosystem and user, designing for scale and sustainability, using open standards, data, and innovation, ensuring privacy and security, and building on and improving existing tools and resources.

Focused on vulnerable communities left out of formal land systems, with tools and approaches appropriate for use by the community, empowering them to directly collect and manage land information.

Providing practical solutions to property and tenure rights that directly advance and secure them.

Working along the entire continuum of land rights, from formal to informal, including intermediate documentation, such as occupancy certificates.

Neutral and mission-oriented approach to support the most vulnerable communities.