Why Land Rights?

Land rights are the foundation of stability and prosperity. An estimated 70 percent of the land in the developing world is undocumented.

Land Rights Change Everything

Clarifying, documenting, and strengthening land rights is essential.


An estimated 25% of the world’s urban population live in homes to which they have no legal rights.
The majority of farmers around the world do not have legal rights to their land.
An estimated 93% of government concessions in emerging economies are granted to extractive industries on lands that are already occupied.

1 Billion

people who rely on undocumented land are VULNERABLE

The unrecognized rights to land deny stability and opportunity to over one billion people worldwide and are a significant barrier to development, undermine confidence in government institutions, and seed conflict and insecurity.

Communities and countries seeking economic growth and sustainable development must ensure land rights are documented and secure.

An Estimated

15 Million


in Uganda are not registered. It will take more than 1,000 years for the country’s few dozen land surveyors to legally register all the parcels.

Land Rights Change Everything

Land rights facts from around the world:

How Do We Improve Land Rights?

We develop and promote the use of simple digital tools, technology, and approaches to help our partners efficiently document, store, and share critical land and resource rights information.

By creating an accessible digital record of land, housing and resource rights, we help empower individuals, organizations, communities, and governments with the information they need to make data-driven decisions to secure their land rights and improve resource governance.