The Cadasta Team Continues to Grow!

Noel Taylor, CEO & President

As we move closer to commissioning of the first release of the Cadasta platform in December, we’re excited to be adding more great people to our team; Alexis Franklin and Oliver Roick.

Alexis Franklin, Designer


Alexis brings more than a decade of graphic and web design experience across a diverse range of sectors and clients such as American Airlines and Alexis is going to use her visual design super powers to strengthen our visual voice, marketing collateral and visual components of the Cadasta platform. With a long history of volunteering, Alexis is committed to making a difference and bringing about positive social impact at scale.

Alexis is based in Seattle, WA, but is a proud Texan who loves BBQ and the Dallas Cowboys. Oh, and she’s a little bit excited about Star Wars the Force Awakens being released in December….but isn’t everybody??

Oliver Roick, Developer


Oliver joins us from the Extreme Citizen Science Research Group at University College London, where he led the design and development of the participatory mapping platform, Geokey. A Geographer and full-stack web developer, Oliver specialises in developing database-driven web applications that assist in collecting, managing and visualising geographic information. We will be leveraging Oliver’s experience to further expand the functionality and scalability of our platform through our continuous cycles of refinement and improvement based on user needs and their field testing based feedback.

Originally from Gera, Germany, Oliver is now based in London. A lover of football, he follows Tottenham in the EPL and his local team in the Oberliga NOFV-Süd. In between training for half marathons, Oliver finds time to carbo load and rehydrate at some of London’s many fine pubs.

Frank Pichel, Chief Programs Officer

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