Bringing skills and systems that help women, families and communities gain confidence and take charge of their own lives.

Project Location
Odisha and Jharkhand States, India

Their Mission

Professional Assistance for Development Action’s (PRADAN) mission is to enable the most marginalized people, especially rural women, to earn a decent living and take charge of their own lives. PRADAN works with forest dwelling communities, women collectives and women self help groups for ensuring secure land rights to promote livelihood security, self dignity, and social security for women and communities.

Project with Cadasta

In the Indian state of Odisha, Cadasta partnered with the Indian nonprofit, PRADAN to map, document, and advocate for community forest rights. Pradan works with local communities in Odisha state that are eligible to apply for government recognition of rights to forest reserves through the Recognition of Forest Rights Act of 2006 and the Community Forest Resource Rights (CFRR). To do so, Pradan is using Cadasta’s tools to map and demarcate agreed-upon forest boundaries to develop a system of protection for the community forest areas. This approach was piloted in one community area and documented 127 individual farms and properties. Pradan now hopes to expand the project throughout the state.

Cadasta Review

  • We the villagers of Andupadu, Rayagada, Odisha appreciates the support of PRADAN and Cadasta especially for their commitment and involvement to understand our requirements and support us to develop and configure the mobile application, imparted training to make us understand the process for using the application. We have done claimant wise mapping exercise and completed data collection using the app. We are very much happy to see the final map which we have used to submit our IFR and CFR claims. Our heartfelt thanks to team members of PRADAN and Cadasta for extending such support and providing us technical guidance.”

    Somanatha Praska
    Village Youth, Andupadu
  • We are thrilled that low literate village youths and women self-help group members are confidently using the mobile application to map parcels for claim submission under IFR and CFR. Community volunteers are very happy to be able to instantly show a display of the area and edit parcel boundaries on satellite imagery.”

    Gumel Saraka
    Jami Sathi (community link worker on Land Rights)
  • Cadasta’s team can support to develop tools as a complete package to map and collect data related to Individual Forest Rights (IFR), Community Forest Rights (CFR) and CFR management plan preparation which can better support facilitating Indian Forest Rights Act (FRA) implementation. Besides FRA related mapping and documentation, MIS related to other additional features like land use, crop planning, forest regeneration status can also be integrated into the Cadasta app. PRADAN is eager to continue our working with Cadasta’s team in future.”

    Land Rights & Livelihood Program
    Implementation Team, PRADAN