Cadasta is Selected as a Semi-Finalist for Rockefeller Foundation’s Food System Vision Prize

Cadasta is thrilled to have been chosen as a semi-finalist of the Food System Vision Prize, made possible by The Rockefeller Foundation, in partnership with SecondMuse and OpenIDEO. The Food System Vision Prize is an invitation for organizations across the globe to develop and propose their Vision of the regenerative and nourishing food system that they aspire to create by the year 2050. 

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Food System Vision Prize aims to elevate the conversation around the current status and future of the world’s complex food systems. The Prize’s designers say, “creating a compelling and progressive Vision for the future of our food system requires a culture of collaboration that rallies industry, policy, academia, and society to act as one. When we come together, we can deliver sustainable, nourishing diets for people and the planet by 2050.”

With Cadasta’s proposal “Linking Food Security to Gender and Land Tenure in Mozambique”, we are proud to echo and support the Vision Prize’s values of renewability, resilience, equity, diversity, healthfulness, and interconnectedness in our work. Together with our partner NCBA CLUSA, we envision a sustainable, nourishing food system that will be built on land tenure rights, climate-smart agriculture, and women’s empowerment in Mozambique. 

Our Food System Vision proposal presents practical, interconnected community-led solutions that work for the people of Mozambique. We believe that only a holistic, integrated approach that is led by the community and considers the full cultural, economic, environmental, political, and social realities, will deliver a regenerative food system. 

Cadasta is honored to have been selected as a semi-finalist of the Food Systems Vision Prize and is thrilled at the opportunity to continue to work towards creating a regenerative and nourishing food future.