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Explore our research papers to learn why secure land rights matter and how Cadasta is working to map, document, and strengthen them.

Cadasta 2.0: Covering New Terrain in the Fight for Land Rights

Cadasta 2.0 is now available and ready to use–for partners working with smallholder farmers, to indigenous forest rights, to urban settlements, and beyond. Our strategy is to offer our partners a state-of-the-art platform and suite of tools and services to scale up land rights documentation through community participation. We are building a network of global partners and trainers.

Rights-based Technology Applications - Landscape Talk GLF Bonn 2019

In this GLF Bonn 2019 Landscape Talk, Cadasta Chief Programs Officer Frank Pichel discusses how the application of simple-to-use technology can help communities around the world document, strengthen, and secure their land and resource rights. Through the use of partner and project case studies, Pichel highlights the transformative role of technology to support land tenure and rights-based landscape management challenges to contribute to a more just, sustainable, and prosperous future for the global community.

GeoDC - 2019 09 - Asaf Even-Paz - Cadasta Foundation

Cadasta Product Manager Asaf Even-Paz discusses approaches and tools used for documenting the rights of marginalized communities left out of formal land administration systems around the world. He focuses on what steps can be made to incrementally secure land rights and use the data captured to advocate for protection and formal recognition of land claims from urban informal settlements of India to customary groups in East Africa.

Katie Pickett from Cadasta Foundation at GIS for a Sustainable World Conference 2019

Cadasta Data & Partnership Specialist Katie Pickett discusses how Cadasta works with communities to document land and resource rights in an interview with SIG MAG TV at the GIS for a Sustainable World Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Cadasta 2.0 Launch Event and Reception

Cadasta CEO Amy Coughenour speaking at the Cadasta 2.0 Launch Party on the sidelines of the 2019 World Bank Land and Poverty Conference in Washington, D.C.

CEO Amy Coughenour interviewed at SOCAP

Learn how Cadasta is helping people map and document their land and property rights by watching this Real Leaders interview with Cadasta CEO Amy Coughenour at this year’s SOCAP conference.

Trust Conference 2018 - Solid Ground: How to Secure Land & Property Rights

Learn how Cadasta is helping people map and document their land and property rights by watching this Real Leaders interview with Cadasta CEO Amy Coughenour at this year’s SOCAP conference.

Introduction to Cadasta

Cadasta Foundation is a global non-profit harnessing technology to simplify, modernize, and expedite the documentation of land and resource rights around the world. Learn how in this short video

Trudy Hope and OpenStreetMap Zambia

See how our partner Trudy is using Cadasta’s tools and services to document property rights in an informal settlement in Zambia.

Emerging Tech Innovation Driving New Landscape Sustainability Business Models

At the 2018 Global Landscapes Forum, Cadasta’s Frank Pichel discusses how our technology helps partners document, analyze, store, and share critical land and resource rights information.

State of the Map Conference 2016

Cadasta’s Lindsey Jacks discusses her work on the Field Papers project.

The Digital Landscape: Technology and Land Rights

USAID, Cadasta Foundation, Geospatial Media, and Thomson Reuters discuss the intersection of technology and land rights. This event is free and open to the public.

Sawit Challenge

SAWIT is a new partnership working to identify and foster breakthrough ideas that help smallholder farmers produce palm oil sustainably.