Noel Taylor, CEO & President

We are excited to announce that we have found our Community Engagement Director, and it’s Thea Aldrich!

In a pool of tremendously talented applicants, Thea’s experience and leadership rose above the rest to make her the clear choice to lead our strategy in building and maintaining a collaborative community of Cadasta’s partners, stakeholders, and constituents. While we continue to build out our platform, Thea will be instrumental in cultivating the open community we envision. As we work to transform the land tenure sector and provide meaningful ways for the marginalized to assert their rights, she will serve as the intersectional hub for our community to collaborate.

A little about Thea

A 10 year veteran in Open Source Software & Culture, Thea is an integral part of the wider open community and a key player in myriad humanitarian, mapping, and technology initiatives & projects.

Thea lives just outside of Austin, Texas with her husband and daughter. Learn more about the contributions she’s made in the nonprofit tech world by following her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

We’re honored to have her on the team, and eager to see the amazing work she’s sure to accomplish.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.