Lindsay Oliver, Communications Specialist

We are pleased to announce that Cadasta and Spatial Dev are joining forces to build out our technological platform for documenting and asserting land rights. Spatial Dev builds user-centric software tools focused on leveraging meaningful data. Their team will be building the initial release of the Cadasta platform as we build out our engineering team and bring them up to speed. We’ll be taking over development for later iterations of the platform.

Cadasta’s platform is entirely Open Source, and is licensed under The GNU Affero General Public License via The Free Software Foundation. Follow our Github to see how the project progresses and to contribute to the platform. Spatial Dev is leveraging their unique expertise to strengthen our data collection processes and tools, as well as streamlining workflows, structure, and administrative capacities.

We’ve already begun this important collaboration with a two-day dive into platform requirements and infrastructure, and we’re well on our way to a viable, robust product. Cadasta is incredibly excited to be working with Spatial Dev and to see how we can positively affect the land sector and tenure documentation worldwide.

Check out Spatial Dev’s blog post on our new partnership, and their other projects & services.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.