Our Impact

At its core, Cadasta’s mission is to advance global land and resource rights for vulnerable populations through innovative technologies and services. By providing technical tools and services to support documentation of land and resource rights, we aim to build stronger, more sustainable communities. Since our founding in 2015, Cadasta’s tools and services have made it easier than ever to collect, map, and store land and resource rights data.

Featured Partner

Odisha Liveable Habitat Mission

Odisha | India

Already being publicized by media as the “world’s largest slum land titling initiative,” Cadasta partnered with Tata Trusts and the Odisha State Government on the Odisha Liveable Habitat Mission—an innovative project designed to improve the living conditions of informal settlements in Odisha state.  

Participatory Mapping of Irrigation Schemes

South Kivu | Democratic Republic of Congo

In South Kivu, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cadasta supported the international NGO ZOA to document current and historical land claims surrounding a defunct irrigation scheme that ZOA seeks to revive. 

Promoting Sustainable Natural Resource Management

South Sumatra | Indonesia

In South Sumatra, Indonesia, Cadasta supported the Kelola Sendang Traceability Project, a DFID-funded initiative designed to address the challenges of deforestation within the context of green growth and biodiversity conservation.

Participatory Mapping of Informal Settlements

Mufulira | Zambia

In Mufulira, Zambia, OpenStreetMap (OSM) Zambia used Cadasta’s tools to document the property rights of residents of an informal settlement.  

Cadasta by the Numbers

The rights of more than 2,270,000 in 32 countries have been captured on Cadasta’s global platform. We invite you to visit our Global Impact Dashboard to learn more about Cadasta’s reach.