Cadasta Featured on Front Page of XYHT Magazine

XYHT Magazine, a monthly magazine for professional land surveyors focused on issues related to land surveying, featured an article on Cadasta Foundation in its April 2017 issue.

The article, which includes interviews with Cadasta staff and partners, explains how Cadasta works around the globe to expedite the documentation of land rights. The piece explains Cadasta’s approach: harnessing cutting edge technology to bypass the bottlenecks that frustrate traditional approaches to land rights documentation. These bottlenecks include a shortage of trained surveyors in the places that need them most, and a lack of government capacity and support for land rights documentation. Cadasta helps partners, with or without government involvement, to use technology to document their rights to land. This creates an evidence base and advocacy case for a community’s land rights — incrementally strengthening their rights to land.

Read the full article here.