Cadasta to Launch Search for New CEO

Cadasta, which was founded two years ago to expedite the documentation of land rights around the world, is launching a search for a new CEO. The news comes as Noel Taylor, a co-founder and a veteran international development expert with 20 years of experience in the land rights sector, gave notice to the board that after building Cadasta’s platform and staff, he was ready for a new challenge.

Cadasta co-founder and Chief Program Officer Frank Pichel will serve as interim CEO.  Frank is a leader in the land tenure and property rights sector, with experience designing, managing, and implementing land-related projects with a technology focus around the world.

Noel will stay on to provide operational and technical support to the Board, and the management team to ensure a smooth and effective transition.  The team at Cadasta, which includes some of the leading thinkers in the land rights, open data, and open-source geospatial technology fields, remains intact and committed to working with existing and new partners on a range of important projects from Haiti to Indonesia.

“During my time at Cadasta, we partnered with dozens of organizations around the world who have used our suite of digital tools to document and strengthen land rights and improve security for tens of thousands of families,” said Noel. “That’s a legacy I am extremely proud of. I know that the organization will continue to go on and have a great impact for many years to come.”

A growing understanding about the importance of land rights is boosting demand for Cadasta’s services. Exciting ongoing technological innovations continue to strengthen Cadasta’s digital toolbox.

“Noel’s contribution to the international development sector – including founding and building Cadasta, its remarkable staff, and its powerful suite of digital tools and services can’t be overstated,” said Liz Blake, Cadasta Board Member. “The organization is now poised to dramatically scale up its work, impact, and partnerships. I thank Noel for his hard work in getting the organization to this tipping point.”