I have worked for more than 14 years in the geospatial industry collecting, analyzing, and managing data of all sorts, including traffic information and imagery collected in the field from planes and drones. Whether managing data on traffic or natural resources, finding a way to present data so that people can understand it and derive meaningful insights and trends is always a challenge.

Over the last four years, Cadasta has worked to make it easier than ever to collect, store, and analyze land and resource rights data for the world’s most vulnerable people and communities. Once collected, this data was securely stored on our online platform and was made visible only to the partners that collected the data. While each partner could see their specific data, we did not have a place where one could look at all of the data in a summarized manner that is easy to understand and analyze.

One of my first tasks when joining Cadasta as the Product Manager was to help create a Cadasta Metrics Dashboard to help us see the big picture of our work, projects, and data. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted the dashboard to display key metrics on the number of people on the platform and the number of countries we work in, but we also wanted to include additional metrics that help provide context to our work. These metrics describe the population we are working with and the status of their land rights.

After we reached an agreement on the main metrics that were needed to be displayed, we went on to review each project that was stored on the Cadasta platform to understand which of the metrics could be extracted from it. We were then able to calculate, summarize, and display the data on the dashboard for each project. While working on the data, we quickly realized that in each project the data was unique and had to be summarized differently. Once we had all the data from all of the projects, we could aggregate it and show a metric that covered all of the projects. This approach helps us see the entire picture of the data on our platform and not have it fragmented by project or country.

The Cadasta Metrics Dashboard was designed to show the scope of the work being done by Cadasta on a global level (“Global Metrics”) and on a project level (“Project Metrics”). The screenshots below shows the Global Metrics page:

Each section shows different components of the data on the platform:

  1. Quick Stats – an overview and summary of the total number of data points
  2. Global Map – a map showing the countries where Cadasta has worked
  3. Land Status – key metrics that show the status of land tenure and rights of Cadasta projects as well as the type of population we are working with

If you select a country on the map, you can see the various projects that Cadasta has worked on in each country.

For reasons of data privacy, some of our partners asked that we not disclose parts of their project information including, in some cases, the name of the project. Once you select a project name, the Project Metrics page shows up to display more detailed information.

The Cadasta Dashboard was created so that it could be viewed by anyone on any web browser (even mobile devices) because Cadasta believes that this type of information sharing is crucial to help people understand the current conditions of land rights and land documentation in their country. We hope that the data we are presenting will encourage other partners to join our mission to document the land rights of their community on our platform. The Cadasta Metrics Dashboard is updated on a monthly basis and as new partners and projects join the platform they will be shown when data is available and per the privacy guidelines requested by each partner.

We want to invite you to take a look at the Dashboard here. The Dashboard is a work in progress so we encourage you to investigate and notify us if there are additional pieces of information that may be missing. We also encourage you to reach out to us if you want to receive our help in documenting communities’ land rights. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments at info@cadasta.org or directly to me at aevenpaz@cadasta.org.