Kate Chapman Featured in Book on Impact Driven Careers

Thea Aldrich, Community Engagement Director

It is not often that people are fortunate enough to work closely with pioneers in their field. One of the primary motivators that compelled me to apply to Cadasta Foundation was the opportunity to learn from and work directly with Kate Chapman, CTO of Cadasta Foundation. As members of the OpenStreetMap community, Kate and I had an opportunity to collaborate regularly over the years, and I have witnessed her make incredible contributions to humanitarian and disaster response, crowdsourced geospatial information, diversity in technology and advocacy for open communities.

Recently Kate’s personal insights and an overview of her work to date were featured in a new book entitled Solving Problems that Matter (and Getting Paid for It) edited by Khanjan Mehta. In this book, experts working in social innovation and global sustainable development have presented their own perspectives and experiences working in the sector. These experiences are intended to demonstrate to readers how to channel their passion and education to pursue a life-long career improving the human condition.  The book also highlights how different types of organizations work, how to find that first impact-focused job, and the pros, cons and implications of various degrees.

Over 100 Innovator Profiles from individuals working at the World Bank, UNICEF, Google, Gates Foundation, and dozens of other organizations are featured to show how and why Kate and others choose to break free from the status quo and follow their passion.

I’d like to encourage everyone who is interested in how to build a career out of doing good work to pick up this book. You can purchase digital and hard copies here. You can learn more information about Kate and her adventures while she takes her experience and applies it to land rights by following her updates posted here and at  @Wonderchook.

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